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When an item you no longer need the easiest thing to do ... is get rid of.

The thing we must always remember is that what no longer serves you, can serve other; what no longer serves to others, it can serve you.

We can choose to increase the lifespan of the objects. stands as a link between those who want to get rid of an asset that actually has not exhausted its life cycle and who from that asset he can still draw a utility and then decide to take possession of it for free.

Increase re-use of objects allows to obtain important benefits:

Social benefits

The system allows the acquisition of consumer goods free of charge and social sharing.

The person who gave away something is happy to have contributed, with a gesture of altruism, to the happiness of others.

In addition, the service encourages the best use of resources by extending the life and value of the objects.

Environmental benefits

Our global resources are being depleted and we all have a civic responsibility to optimize resources and protect the environment for future generations.

With the re-use we have: less bulky waste on the streets, less energy spent for the treatment of waste, less industrial pollution, lower consumption of raw materials (because the good reused replaces the new good).

Economic benefits

The body that uses our service will get the economic benefits from the cost savings to the collection service, transport, storage and treatment of waste.

Citizens who will receive the benefit for free will not have to bear the cost for the purchase of a new object.


Portale italiano per il riuso dei rifiuti ingombranti
La prima piattaforma italiana per la prenotazione del ritiro dei rifiuti ingombranti e per la promozione del riuso.

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