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Have you got an object who you want to throw?

With you can choose to start the refusal to the management system active in your municipality or give the good if it is still in good condition.

Do you want a home collection?

If your municipality so provides, you can request the withdrawal of your refusal simply by filling out a request form.

Or follow the procedures provided by your municipality.

Your object is still in good condition?

If you think your item is in good condition and can still be useful to someone you can prevent it from becoming waste.

Choose how many days to keep Featured gives you the opportunity to choose how long you want the object to remain in the window. At maturity you will choose the system will remove the object from the window of the website and forward the request for withdrawal to the relevant departments.

Your privacy is guaranteed

The exchange of information between those who give and those who receive takes place on the platform of the site so you can choose if and when to provide information to the recipient.

Also if you do not want to deal with anyone you choose to have freight carried by the qualified and accredited.

Do you want to get free items?

With can book the articles by other users, search through the categories that interest you and choose those closest to you. After booking just contact, through the platform, the advertiser to agree on the details of the withdrawal.


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Portale italiano per il riuso dei rifiuti ingombranti
La prima piattaforma italiana per la prenotazione del ritiro dei rifiuti ingombranti e per la promozione del riuso.

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