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It’s an innovative tool through which agencies can implement programs to prevent and reduce the production of waste through reuse. It’s an important communication vehicle aimed at raising public awareness on environmental issues.

It consists of a web platform for the management of bulky waste. The platform is interposed between the citizen to get rid of bulky waste or waste electrical and electronic equipment and the managing body of the service of collection and transport of such waste.

It intercepts all requests for disposal of waste and of these identifying those relating to waste that may still give useful to other people.

Give away used items means lengthen the life cycle of products still in good condition and stimulate the development of a supportive network that can generate value for the company that is sensitive to the needs of others.

RIUSALO.IT is a tool of support to the community, to promote the recovery and redistribution of unused objects, also assists local authorities in the management of bulky waste, providing an additional service to the citizen.


  • Because it's free;
  • Because it allows you to rid yourself of an unused object, obtaining benefits;
  • Because your gift can help others to feel better;
  • Because it promotes socialization;
  • Because contrasts waste;
  • Because contrasts waste;
  • Because it reduces pollution;
  • Because it promotes reuse;
  • Because contributes to the preservation of the planet.

The Mission

The project was created to encourage reuse of consumer goods, offering an alternative to disposal. The mission is prevention of waste generation in accordance with the recommendations of the European standard 2008/98.

A System win-win

The players in the are: users / citizens, the municipalities and the companies that manage the integrated services of collection, transportation and treatment of bulky waste.

We are talking about a win-win situation, in which all the actors derive only benefits: environmental, social, economic.



Portale italiano per il riuso dei rifiuti ingombranti
La prima piattaforma italiana per la prenotazione del ritiro dei rifiuti ingombranti e per la promozione del riuso.

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