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Booking Service withdrawal of bulky waste

Is there a cost to request the withdrawal of my refusal?

It depends on the conditions of performance of the service active in your City

For which types of waste can I require the withdrawal?

It depends on active duty on your municipality. In general, you can require the removal of bulky waste materials and of electrical and electronic equipment.

When it is withdrawn?

If your municipality to be withdrawn at home, after the inclusion of the request you will be contacted by the operators.

What to do about my municipality is not an agreement to the site?

If your municipality is not an agreement can still use the site for the part related to the reuse of assets. Enter the subject in the window and wait for someone requests it.

How can I change my withdrawal request?

To change your request go to the site and go to the part on the requests made.

Can I use the service for my business?

No. The service is restricted to households.


Service Reuse

Is there a cost to be incurred for the publication of the announcement?

The ads are free

My personal information is visible to everyone?

You can see the information you choose to make visible to the time that you want.

How to publish an ad? 

After registration you get access to your private area and click on "add item".

How long will my item online?

Your object remains online until someone requests it or until the time you choose.

What if after my ad no one wants?

the site automatically making the request of withdrawal, if the service is available in your municipality. In all cases, you'll get a warning.


For all technical information to which you have not found an answer to write to our technical staff at the email address:


Portale italiano per il riuso dei rifiuti ingombranti
La prima piattaforma italiana per la prenotazione del ritiro dei rifiuti ingombranti e per la promozione del riuso.

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