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For RAEE means all waste from electrical and electronic equipment, all those goods, such as: mobile phones and related accessories, calculators, household appliances, vacuum cleaners and various equipment for cleaning, refrigerators, washing machines, stereo, walkman, drills, welders , saws, sewing machines, electric toys, sports equipment with electrical or electronic components, hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, alarm clocks, wrist watches, scales, computers, printers, fax machines, telephones, radios, television sets , camcorders, VCRs, video games, hi-fi recorders, lighting equipment, etc ..., which the owner will want to undo.

Since the Legislative Decree no. 49/2014 provides that RAEE may not be disposed of using the normal solid urban waste, what are the means of disposal?

Disposal of RAEE can happen in the following ways:

  1. Granting direct from the people at the Municipal Center Collection in your town of residence, if any;
  2. Telephone booking service home collection, though active in their town.

In the event that in your town there isn’t a Municipal Collection Center or there isn’t a collection service at home with telephone booking, how to dispose of RAEE?

As provided by D.M. n. 65/2010 art. 1 paragraph 1, can give a RAEE at a dealer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, free of charge, when buying a new electrical or electronic product, provided it is derived from a single household and it\'s equivalent It has fulfilled the same functions of the new equipment purchased. For certain products, such as a refrigerator, you can collect RAEE together with the delivery of the new product purchased.

Legislative Decree. N. 49/2014 also allows the disposal of small WEEE (with the maximum size of less than 25 cm), at the above retailers with a sales area exceeding 400 square meters, free of charge and with no obligation to purchase of a new product. This category includes: radios, mobile phones, tablets, razors, cameras, etc ...

The Coordination Centre (CdC RAEE), and body set defined in the role and tasks of art. 33 of Legislative Decree 49/2014, has the task of optimizing the activities of competence of the Collective Systems, ensuring the common, uniform and consistent operating conditions.

The portal CdC RAEE offers the possibility of identifying, in the country, collection centers and treatment facilities. It also provides useful information about the RAEE Distributors.


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